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What makes us tick (and drink coffee).

I love sitting in coffeehouses seeing all the interesting people around me. But I hate walking out of there knowing I’ll never find out which new friendships could have been. It fascinates me how intersecting paths can change our lives. Serendipity in the right surroundings is a game-changer - and nothing beats doing it over coffee.

No. This little spiel wasn’t written by a PR agency. It’s been the sole motivation for spending countless hours (and dollars) building this site. It was all about putting something into place that was otherwise a void - the ability to use modern tools to reach out to somebody a few tables away with a similar state of mind. That’s exciting.

From the earliest times, coffee shops were places where people congregated for lively conversation. A meeting ground of sorts. Coffee shops were the original ‘social networks’. So it’s a little strange in this accelerated era of social networking that coffee shops haven’t been represented in this space. Hopefully we can do something about that.

CafePeople has its HQ in Palo Alto, California.

by Pete Meehan, CEO for CafePeople, February 2011.

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