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The Core Team

The people that make up Cafeppl.

A bunch of dedicated professionals.

Pete Meehan

Pete Meehan, CEO and Founder.

Compulsive ‘do-different’ type and product visionary. Pete is the Cafeppl product architect. He’s a big picture guy and is excited by creative concepts that can change user behavior.

Pete has a marketing background and in his early days worked in the music industry as a songwriter.

He loves coffee and loves electro-social, so figured the world needs a social site for cafe-goers. Check in later to see if he’s right about that.

Pete’s a serial entrepreneur and was born in Melbourne, Australia. He divides his time between Silicon Valley and Asia where Electric Angels, the parent company he heads up, developed Cafeppl.

The guy has a passion for classic Vespas, old Porsches, art-deco, and all things retro. A style thing.

Favorite coffee:  All coffees. Just make it super strong.


Soo Sing

Soo Sing, VP and Co-Founder.

Soo was born in Malaysia and spent most of her formative years in Australia where she majored in software engineering.

Typical of the works at a start-up, she wears many hats and shuffles between between COO and CFO roles.

Soo is a people-person, but gently keeps everyones’ feet on the ground.

She has this uncanny knack of knowing when to ask the right questions and which answers make the most sense.

A great asset to the team. The all-rounder.

Favorite coffee:  Caffe Latte in all its variations.

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Team Cafeppl
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Marvin Yoong, Tech Guru.

Marvin is the project leader and head of development.

He knows a great deal about back-end & front-end technologies and excels in Web 2.0 sites. This has become his specialty.

Born in Malaysia and with ties to the US, Marvin majored in software engineering and loves the Web.

A very sharp guy who doesn’t let his geek values get in the way of practical common sense. He know how to get the job done and always delivers.

When he’s not solving problems for Cafeppl, he can be found doing physical stunts (Capoeira) or strumming on a guitar from his prized collection.

Favorite coffee:  Ice-Blended Caramel Latte.

Marvin Yoong